Common Concerns When IT Comes To UAE Attestation Services

Document Attestation ServicesIt is not enough to share the processes that UAE attestation services facilitate if you want to provide your clients with a solid understanding of their full services. Thus, these companies are creating a resource meant to answer frequently asked questions or the common concerns of people today.

Common FAQs About Document Attestation And Their Best Answers

Q: What if a certificate is laminated? How will that be attested?

A: There is a process for taking off lamination from the certificate and this ensures that the original document won’t be damaged. Be aware that plenty of attestation services utilize such method apart from using the right set of tools. Moreover, only a small part of the laminated material is treated – this is actually where the attestations stamps are placed. Take note that this is a quick process. Experts suggest that as much as possible, do not laminate your certificates; rather, store them inside envelopes or frames without using any adhesive material.

Q: How do we follow up on the documents we’re sending for attestation?

A: Once the messenger collects your documents, he/she will provide you with a company’s receipt voucher – this will serve as evidence that you indeed have handed over a parcel that contains your document. Be aware that such voucher must contain all significant details of your documents and payment information. It will be the company’s responsibility to monitor the movement of your parcel via the courier service. In case you have any concerns regarding where your documents are at the moment, you can contact the company and they will give you all the information you need.

Attestation Services In UAEQ: How can we be sure that documents will be protected at all times until they’re delivered to us?

A: When it comes to handling all document types, know that there are safety protocols being followed. Also, all the members of the staff adhere to such protocols at all times. And as service providers, among the most efficient strategies employed in terms of delivering high quality service to clients is to work with the most reliable courier services in the area, promising superior protection for documents as well as convenience to clients by offering free pick-up and delivery to your doorstep.

Q: If you lose my documents, how will you deal with that?

A: You can turn to the back portion of the receipt voucher to learn more about the terms as well as conditions that apply in such circumstance. Be reminded though that such situation is not likely to happen – it usually occurs during natural calamities.

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