Why Employees Often Appreciate Receiving A Total Reward Statement

1Teaching you the ins and outs of the organization is often among the first orders of business when you are first hired by a company. You have to learn the company background, the workplace culture and dynamics, house rules, your roles in the organization, the current hierarchy and key names to remember, and the benefits you will be receiving during your employment.

There are some employees that confirm all the matters related to the benefits they must be receiving as soon as they start their orientation. This will make sure that they will fully understand what they must receive.

However, there are some employees that do not prioritize the topic of benefits and services. They feel that it is too early for them to ask about their rewards or benefits because they have not been with the company for long. Oftentimes, they just absorb the preliminary briefings as well as make a mental note to talk to the right person after several weeks of months or if they are no longer awkward to speak about their perks and benefits.

But after several months, these employees may have forgotten to set-up a meeting to discuss such benefits and are now very shy to bring up the topic. Hence, they just give up and trust that they’re getting what they were told to be getting.

But for employers, there is no good reason for you to not discuss employee benefits. If you’ve made a huge effort to have an employee services programme customized for your business, it is best for to make equal efforts to give them to the individuals they are made for – those who make your business operational and successful.

Giving A Total Reward Statement To Your Employees

2Your best move can be to provide your employees with a total reward statement. Provided below are some of the great reasons why your team members will be very happy to receive this document.

Employees will know what benefits they can get and how they can use them efficiently – Your employees won’t wonder about what they are possibly missing out on or why their hard work is not being recognized. Be aware that the statement will help employees understand exactly what services and benefits they can receive and how they can get them.

A considerable amount of money can be saved annually – Your staff members will be very happy to know that they can save money as they can receive various benefits like retail discounts, insurance options, and salary sacrifice schemes for childcare, transportation options or home technology.

Employees can be happy and more engaged – If employees becomes very much aware that their health, motivation, workplace satisfaction, well-being, and financial concerns are being attended to and are efficiently addressed via an employee engagement programme, they will realize how much they are appreciated and valued. Therefore, they will be more inspired to perform well and most importantly, to support company goals and objectives.

About the author: Leo Kolmaine is a businessman who highly emphasized the importance of giving rewards and incentives to employees. Indeed, providing your employees with a total reward statement is very crucial in attracting and retaining talents. He recommends checking out personalgroup.com for more info about this.

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