Import Finance And The Travails Of International Trade

1Import finance is an important financing solution that many in the international trade scene take advantage of. It’s normally used to bridge the gap between the time a company pays its suppliers and the time it receives payment from its customers.

The problems that an importer faces are far more complicated than that expected funding gap. If your business involves importing merchandise or supplies, import finance can help you overcome the usual challenges present in international trade. What are some of the most common ones?

• Payment instrument – Let’s say you wish to trade with an overseas company that uses a bank that is a bit obscure, you’ll have to pay extra charges for confirmation by a more established bank. Payment, understandably, is not as straightforward in international trade.

• Transit time – If you’re trying to save money by going with the cheaper freights instead of the prime shipping lines, you may find that the headache of backlog issues, which all essentially lead to delays, as well as abnormal fees are not worth the lower shipping cost. However, even when you patronise a good shipping company, delays may still happen. Such is the nature of international trade.

• Varying import rules and regulations – The global market is a volatile one that involves various governments and economies. You have to know what the laws involved are as well as stay on top of possible sudden changes that could make deals fall through. It’s especially bad when goods are in transit as they happen and somebody has to bear the loss or find ways to prevent a complete loss.

• Currency fluctuations – These are related to the shifting political and economic scenery in the local setting, regional setting, and even global setting. They can spell disaster for import transactions.

2• Force majeure – This usually involves some sort of natural disaster that prevent the successful completion of a trade. This may also come in the form of vehicular breakdown, accident, and other mishaps.

• Fraud – It stands to reason that fraud also transpires in the international arena. It has its victims despite the inclination of importers to be extra leery. This is why it’s important to take advantage of solutions offered by trusted financial institutions to ensure safe and secure transactions.

• Nuisances – Typographical errors, poor handling of goods that lead to damage or loss, and other honest mistakes that end up causing trouble.

With all these challenges, it’s important to use solutions that will help with your finances, take care of complex paperwork, and ensure the safety and security of procedures.

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