Things To Remember When Drug Testing Employees

02During selection of new hires or even retaining employees in a company, drug testing is a must to ensure the company credibility and reliance.

1. Filter the list of employees who will undergo the test. Test only “high-risk” employees who could do real harm to others. For example, you would have the protection of the law in testing a gun-toting security guard, but your decision to test a secretary could be much less likely to stand up in court. During the test, make sure that employees do not use Quick fix synthetic urine or else, this will beat the purpose of having the drug test in the first place.

2. Understand the legal precedence for different illegal substance. It’s smart to consult with your company lawyer about the different laws regarding use of each substance

Illicit Drugs. Illegal drug use while on the job is not protected by legal standards, so let your own discretion guide you in this area.

Alcohol. Make sure your employee manual explicitly bans the use of alcohol while on the job. This will give you the leeway to follow regular disciplinary procedures when a worker is plainly intoxicated. If an employee’s off-site alcohol consumption is impairing his or her performance at work, you must be able to show that performance standards are not being met.

Prescription Drugs. Seek local legal advice on this area because laws on workers’ prescription drug use vary.

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