Why Employees Often Appreciate Receiving A Total Reward Statement

1Teaching you the ins and outs of the organization is often among the first orders of business when you are first hired by a company. You have to learn the company background, the workplace culture and dynamics, house rules, your roles in the organization, the current hierarchy and key names to remember, and the benefits you will be receiving during your employment.

There are some employees that confirm all the matters related to the benefits they must be receiving as soon as they start their orientation. This will make sure that they will fully understand what they must receive.

However, there are some employees that do not prioritize the topic of benefits and services. They feel that it is too early for them to ask about their rewards or benefits because they have not been with the company for long. Oftentimes, they just absorb the preliminary briefings as well as make a mental note to talk to the right person after several weeks of months or if they are no longer awkward to speak about their perks and benefits.

But after several months, these employees may have forgotten to set-up a meeting to discuss such benefits and are now very shy to bring up the topic. Hence, they just give up and trust that they’re getting what they were told to be getting.

But for employers, there is no good reason for you to not discuss employee benefits. If you’ve made a huge effort to have an employee services programme customized for your business, it is best for to make equal efforts to give them to the individuals they are made for – those who make your business operational and successful.

Giving A Total Reward Statement To Your Employees

2Your best move can be to provide your employees with a total reward statement. Provided below are some of the great reasons why your team members will be very happy to receive this document.

Employees will know what benefits they can get and how they can use them efficiently – Your employees won’t wonder about what they are possibly missing out on or why their hard work is not being recognized. Be aware that the statement will help employees understand exactly what services and benefits they can receive and how they can get them.

A considerable amount of money can be saved annually – Your staff members will be very happy to know that they can save money as they can receive various benefits like retail discounts, insurance options, and salary sacrifice schemes for childcare, transportation options or home technology.

Employees can be happy and more engaged – If employees becomes very much aware that their health, motivation, workplace satisfaction, well-being, and financial concerns are being attended to and are efficiently addressed via an employee engagement programme, they will realize how much they are appreciated and valued. Therefore, they will be more inspired to perform well and most importantly, to support company goals and objectives.

About the author: Leo Kolmaine is a businessman who highly emphasized the importance of giving rewards and incentives to employees. Indeed, providing your employees with a total reward statement is very crucial in attracting and retaining talents. He recommends checking out personalgroup.com for more info about this.

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Increasing The Cash Flow Of Your Business Through Account Receivable Financing

leading global commercial bank and financial institutionAlthough gaining profits is the main goal of all businesses, having a good and stable cash flow is also another priority worth focusing on. If your business regularly experiences cash flow problems, it is time for you to consider various financing options that will give you the ideal solution that will enable you to overcome this difficulty.

One of the most popular options businesses go for to improve their cash flow is to get a bank loan. However, financial experts say that loans have never been considered a viable financing option for small and medium sized businesses. This is because banks loans are never easy to obtain. For a loan to be approved, banks require borrowers to pledge their collaterals and assets as security with them against the cash loan. Most of the time, start-up firms and small businesses fail to meet the stringent requirements for obtaining finance from banks. In addition, bank loans are not at all cheap. They come with high rate of interest and because of this, there is a high tendency for small businesses to fall into debt when they take out bank loans.

Account Receivable Financing: A Means Of Improving Your Business’ Cash Flow

To protect your business from falling into debt and sustain your cash flow, you can consider getting account receivable financing. With this financing solution, you can leverage your accounts receivables raise enough funds to keep your business going for those 30, 60, or 90 days while your invoices are lying pending with you, waiting to get cleared by your clients or customers.

trusted global commercial bank and financial institutionAccount receivables financing or business factoring is a simple and affordable method of obtaining funds for small and medium sized enterprises. Instead of waiting for your loan applications to get approved, you can approach a bank to purchase your accounts receivables. Most established banks and financial institutions do not have any lengthy requirements for factoring accounts receivables. What they typically require is that you have reliable and trustworthy customers. If you have that, you can obtain cash immediately, in just a matter of days.

With this financing option, the bank or factoring company would purchase the invoices from you and would offer you an advance against them. In general, factoring accounts receivable would let you enjoy as much as 90% of the gross value of your accounts receivables. You will get the remaining amount after 30-60 days when your clients clear the invoices. The bank or factoring company will give you the remaining balance after deducting a small factoring fee.

Account receivables financing is not a loan. With this financing service, you are selling your accounts receivables to the financial establishment and in turn, they will provide you with cash against them. As such, you won’t get into any kind of debt trap. You can utilise the cash you get for buying inventory, paying salary to your staff, and for any other purpose.

Read more about account receivable financing on the website of HSBC UAE.

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Recruitment Business Building Tips You Need To Consider

WeAreSSGAlmost all individuals these days wish to have their own business. However, due to the increasing competition in every industry, some individuals are having doubts on their plans. But, if you are eager in creating your own business, one of the ideal options is to start your own recruitment business. Sadly, recruitment business building can be a difficult task individuals need to deal with. Luckily, there are some ways that can help you achieve your goals. Below are some of the following things you need to consider.

Consider expenses

First and foremost, when building a recruitment business, it is important for individuals to consider its expenses. Of course, just like other businesses, individuals need to have sufficient finances in starting a business. Other than that, you need to make sure that you can manage and budget your money. These aspects are important to ensure that building a recruitment business can be easy and more efficient.

Invest in effective devices

The next factor individuals need to consider when building a recruitment business is to invest in effective devices. When it comes to recruitment, there are numerous items you need to make use of such as laptops, telephone systems and even internet connection. Therefore, you need to make sure that you invest in items that can improve your business tasks. But, before purchasing, make sure to check its features since items with too much features are more expensive. Plus, these features may disrupt tasks which can cause delays.

Create effective advertising schemes

It is also imperative for individuals to create effective advertising schemes. Advertising is quite important in this industry since there are numerous companies that offer the same services. So, having good and compelling advertising strategy is a huge advantage. In addition, individuals must also make use of different platforms when advertising in order to communicate with your target audience easily. Plus, these advertising schemes can also help improve your reputation in your niche.

WeAreSSGHire recruitment set up experts

Finally, if you do not still have a good idea on how to build your recruitment business, it is best to hire recruitment set up experts. These experts can provide you with amazing plans for your business. Additionally, these experts can help you implement these plans to ensure that issues can be avoided and your business will be created properly. Other than that, these experts can also make sure that they will give you affordable rates.

Knowing these simple factors will allow you to create a successful and profitable recruitment business that can accommodate your needs.

About the author: Mickey Silver is a writer and a follower of wearessg.com/setting-up-a-recruitment-business. It is a website that features amazing services that can help you build successful recruitment businesses. To know more, go to this site.

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Prevent Your Business From Sinking With Liquidity Solutions

liquidity solutionsFor a company to successfully survive and thrive in the business arena, it is important to preserve capital, maintain liquidity, achieve good returns and of course, effectively manage the risks that the business entity is and will be facing. The same is true for every kind of businesses. And while this act may seem just a common knowledge, it is in fact easier said than done.

Among the most common reasons why companies fail is due to cash flow. While you may be earning a nice profit yesterday, once the cash flow is obstructed by certain reasons, you risk the chance of your business closing up shop.

Cash is a necessity for any business to survive – especially small businesses. This is why it is vital to have control over your cash flow to prevent problems from arising in the future. In uncertain times, problems may arise and while you may have prepared certain measures, you can only be rest assured that you can survive if your business has a reliable cushion and security through having a readily available fund. This can also give you the ability to grab whatever opportunity appears during the time.

Profit and cash flow are two different bodies that most business have hard time distinguishing hence it leads to their businesses failing. And to a large degree, the problem is often attributed to the fact that financial accounting does not focus on cash flow. While these two things may seem like they are the same, the key differences will still be noticeable with proper evaluation, and the most important of which, is timing.

So, what is liquidity and what liquidity solutions can you use to prevent risks?

Liquidity refers to the ability of your business to fulfill short term financial obligations. If your business is liquid, paying for its current liabilities can be easily managed.

For startup businesses, liquidity can come easier and more naturally. This is because it is easy to see if your business has enough cash and is actually solvent. However, once your business starts to grow and your process becomes more complicated, it also becomes more challenging to determine your liquidity.

To solve these kinds of problems, preparing cash budgets six to twelve months prior is crucial. This will help you project the cash needs of your company as well as prepare the needed adjustments when the need arises. Additionally, one recognized solution is to use a lockbox system for payment collection. This can help you put the payments you receive into a bank account that can earn interests. To learn more about liquidity solutions, click here.


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The Different Types Of New Mobile Phones You Can Find In Saudi Arabia

Electronics companies seem to launch new mobile phones every other month. Because of this, it can be quite an ordeal just trying to keep up with the latest models. On top of this, there are various mobile devices require OS upgrades every now and then; this thing further confuses buyers and users of handheld gadgets.

Shopping For A New Mobile Phone In KSA

If you’re in the market for new mobile phones in Saudi Arabia, the best way to start your search and selection process is to know the different kinds of handLeading telecom company in KSAsets you will be selecting from.

Here’s an overview of the different types of handsets you available in the market today:


A smartphone is a handheld computer, personal organiser, digital camera, and music player in one. And the buck doesn’t stop here: they come with other handy tools and features, too. They run on Android, Windows Phone and iOS operating systems. Because of this, you can download or install other apps on your smartphone, the ones that they didn’t come with originally. You can do this for free or through paid services.

Generally, top-of-the line best smartphones often feature hefty price tags. However, there are mid-range and even cheaper smartphones are as well. These more affordable devices usually feature a good proportion of the same features but with smaller screens and less powerful cameras and processors than the top-of-the-range models.

Basic Mobile Phones

trusted telecom company in KSAThese are cell phones that you can use for calling and texting only. You can’t use this device to gain access to the Internet and it won’t come with a camera or map. They are simply traditional mobile phones.

But aside from the basic functions, they come with other useful features and tools such as a calendar, calculator, alarm clock, planner, and reminders. Most major mobile networks offer great free talk and text deals. Basic handsets are really affordable, too.

Business Mobile Phones

A lot of people are on the market for a mobile phone for business or work reasons. They are usually looking for a phone to help them take care of work while they’re on the go.

A perfect example of a business mobile phone is the Blackberry. This brand has long been a favourite among business users. They come with full QWERTY keyboards, advanced email and messaging options, enterprise security and an on board office applications suite for working on the go.

However, if you don’t need that kind of advanced business functionality and just want a phone that lets you send emails to clients, customers, and co-workers, any smartphone will fit the bill.

Knowing what the different types of mobile phones offer can help you come up with a good shortlist and narrow down your search for the best new mobile phones in Saudi Arabia. Visiting the website of Zain Saudi Arabia can help you with this as well.

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The Importance Of Utilizing An Employee Engagement App Today

By Marlyn Noueinere – Content Info Resource from personalgroup.com

3Success won’t be guaranteed just by designing as well as implementing an employee benefits programme. After creating a programme and it is now ready for deployment, the organization must shift its attention toward internal communication first. And to make sure that all employees fully understand their benefit entitlements, you need to communicate with them in a direct and clear manner.

This is actually where an employee engagement app becomes very beneficial, not only for employers but also for their employees. This is an app helping organizations achieve the goals they have set for their employee benefits scheme, which include stronger retention, increased engagement, and easier recruitment.

Benefits Of Using The Employee Engagement App

1. Increases engagement – This app does this by displaying all significant information regarding the benefits and services you offer to your employees in a simple yet visually appealing manner. In fact, the app is designed with user experience in mind. If employees become more aware of the benefits they can get from the company they are working for, engagement and uptake will definitely increase exponentially.

2. Strengthens employee retention – The more your employees feel appreciated and valued, they more likely they are to remain in your organization. One of the most efficient ways of making your employees feel recognized and valued by your organization is via the implementation of a benefit scheme. But it is very important that your employees are very much aware of these benefits. This app can actually answer such need by conveying your message in a convenient and clear platform.

43. Makes recruitment easier – You can use the app to offer potential hires a good glimpse of some of the benefits they can get after they get onboard with your organization.

4. Keeps employees updated – Due to the fact that this app is anchored on the concept of simplicity, employees can receive significant information and operational announcements. This further means that your employees become more aware and less likely to miss any opportunities like those related to personal development such as recognition and rewards, employee support services, and individual training and development.

If you want to boost engagement through mobile technology leverage, ensure that you choose an app that has a clean design. Always bear in mind that your goal is to properly communicate the benefits you offer. Hence, the app you have to choose must be intuitive to use. Also, choose one that you can readily customize to it can suit the visual language of your company, making it look trustworthy and familiar. Lastly, opt for an app that can easily be integrated not only with your current systems but also with the 3rd-party providers.

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Qualities Of A Reliable Provider Of International Cargo Services In Dubai

1Relocating overseas, whether individually, with your family or your business, you will find yourself getting involved in various challenges and issues. Especially for businesses, relocating and delivering your equipment, furniture, and vehicles requires great effort in making sure that the condition of these equipment when they arrive at the intended destination is good is one of the hurdles you need to successfully overcome.

Opening your business in a new location with delays on the shipment of your items or if the cargoes get damaged or incomplete when they are delivered will certainly jeopardize your intended flawless grand opening. In these situations, business operations will be affected and your company will surely have to shell out extra expenses for new equipment and furniture. However, this can be avoided with the right international cargo services in Dubai.

So if you are planning to transfer your business overseas, choosing the right international cargo services to hire is important. And if you are still in the process of choosing one, select a partner with the following essential qualities and features:

Wide-ranging portfolio

A reliable international cargo companies will not fall short of a comprehensive portfolio of multiple transportation modes worldwide. A company’s portfolio is one of the most crucial quality you need to look for when choosing as it can assure you of a better position to react to any unexpected events or changes. Additionally, the speed and security of your delivery will be top-notch and the risk, lower.

Fast turnarounds, expertise and responsiveness

During the transfer of your items, different scenarios may or may not come up. These scenes during transit can include last-minute airfreight shipments caused by product line changes, surge in demand and of course, natural disasters. Hiring an international cargo company that consist of excellent and highly responsive team, and a knowledgeable sales force that are capable of developing and executing solutions quickly will be greatly advantageous.

Provides guarantee of product integrity

Your ultimate goal when transporting equipment overseas should not just focus on speed, visibility and security. On-time and without any damage should be the ultimate goal. You will need to choose a company that demonstrate the right facility and suitable in-transit security. They should also be able to offer processes for reporting damages and managing claims. Moving your business abroad is a lot of work and it can never be done singlehandedly. What you need to focus on is your and your item’s safety and avoid any additional expenses. With the help of excellent international cargo services, the stressful task and worries you usually have during the move will ease up and you will be rest assured that your items will arrive on-time without any reparations. Check out AF Logistics and find out more about the best provider of international cargo services in Dubai.

Ricardo Enriquez is a business owner and consultant. He recommends visiting the website of Al-Futtaim Logistics to learn more about the advantages of international cargo shipping in Dubai.



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